Delod Zolt

Duros doctor out for revenge


Name: Dalod Zolt
Species: Duros
Career/Specialization(s): Colonist/Doctor
Gender: Male
Age: 39 (or whatever the Duros equivalent of a 39-year old Human is, couldn’t find any different age scale for them)
Height: 6’1”
Build: Wiry
Hair: None
Eyes: Brick Red
Notable Features: Burn scars on right side of face

Obligation: Betrayal, level 20. As a person of authority in his colony, Dalod Zolt always felt beholden to the people he oversaw; this seemed a natural responsibility as an official. Of course, he assumed that Imperial officials would feel the same way to worlds and colonies under their umbrella. Major Petras’ complete and utter refusal to lift a finger to aid his colony shocked Dalod to the core of his beliefs, and he will not rest until he sees the Major answer for this wrong. He will follow any shred of evidence that might lead to anything connected to this case — even tangential things like evidence of Imperial racism or exploitation of other colonies.


Lived on a colony world close to Imperial influence with his mate and their two children. One day, their colony’s rudimentary sensors detected an incoming natural disaster — a raging firestorm, a bizarre oddity of the planet’s climate none of them had seen before.

As the doctor of the colony and thus a person of importance, Dalod and a couple other notables from the colony convened to determine how best to proceed. The colony had no way to shield themselves from the firestorm, but they had detected an Imperial cruiser entering the system earlier — if they could contact the cruiser, they could send some kind of environmental control team, or some kind of shielding, or at least evacuate the colonists in shuttles. The closeness of the storm interfered with their communications, so they set out in a landspeeder to set up a relay a safe distance away and contacted the cruiser. Meanwhile, people in the colony prepared for the worst and began packing supplies in case of evacuation.

Unfortunately, the Imperial officer they contacted — a human known as Major Grigori Petras — didn’t see it their way, claiming the storm was too dangerous to risk any Imperial assets. No amount of pleading or offers of tithes could sway him. Angry and dejected, Dalod and the other colony heads sped back home, determined to evacuate and save whoever they could, hopefully rebuilding in a new location after the storm passed.

The storm had descended upon the colony more swiftly than expected, however, and as Dalod arrived home the entire colony was ablaze. He saw friends and comrades running from the burning wreckage, some brave souls even running back in to save others. Dalod joined this latter group, searching for his family. He found them too late; both his children already crushed by a collapsing building, his mate caught trying to pull them out. Dalod almost lost his own life trying to save her, but eventually she screamed at him to leave her and save himself — she was already going to die. His right side burned and his heart broken, Dalod ran away.

As his mourning passed, Dalod found the sorrow in his heart transform into something new — a burning rage that rivaled the storm in intensity. And as the storm had taken his loved ones, Dalod swore this rage would take the life of another — one Major Grigori Petras.

Delod Zolt

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