Star Wars: Collateral Damage

Session 9

Before Talia and BB-M8 had the chance to calculate the jump to Froz, Dr Kahn confessed that he needed to make an additional stop in system to pick up stasis equipment. He had arranged to pick up the stasis module on Centerpoint Station. The crew agreed to do the pickup for him but pressed him to not withhold any further informatoin.

Dr Kahn revealed that he planned to buy the stasis module from a drall crimelord named Gustip on credit. He didn't have the full downpayment, so was hoping the characters could help him arrange something.

When the met Gustip, they refused to give him collateral, but promised to help him with a leg of the Corellian Shuffle to guarantee Dr Kahn's credit. Gustip implied that he knew Vamaruu was the person of interest that the ISB was looking for and said that he was not to be trifled with. They could pick up the stasis module from his storehouse in Nul-Town Jenth.

They crew redocked near the storehouse and proceed through the gravity free sector. After displaying their ineptness at maneuvering in the null-gravity, the were ambushed by gangers. They made short work of the gang, and M8 trapped the fleeing gang members between two ancient bulkhead doors.

They finished recovering the equipment, brought it back to their ship, and finally set off for Froz

Session 8

After meeting with Dr Kahn, the characters departed the hotel for their starship. Delod separated from the others to retreive equipment for the mission. Dr Kahn and the Froz had their own business to attend to, and agreed to meet at the ship in 2 hours.

Vamaruu had be recognized by the security footage from CEC, and the ISB had put out a security alert for his capture which appeared on holo-billboards throughout Coronet City. Talia called in a favor from an old friend, Tril Poni, who came and picked them up in an equipment removal speeder-truck.

On the ride toward the spaceport, they got stuck going through a checkpoint. BB-M8 tried to create a jamming device, but didn't have the required equipment. Instead, the droid hid Vamaruu in a shielded box. They passed through the checkpoint without any issues.

Talia thanked Tril for the assistance, and asked what they could do for her. Tril said she was looking to buy a hyperdrive for her own ship that she was cobbling together. She also asked if she could buy M8, who would help her get her ship off the ground in no time. Talia told her she'd see what she could do about the hyperdrive, but that M8 was not for sale.

They passed through spaceport security, and see stormtroopers harassing people entering the docking terminals. Talia asks at the spaceport bar what's going on, and leanrs that the Imperials are looking for a person of interest, which she knows in Vamaruu.

Eventually the Froz show up to board the ship. The stormtroopers start to detain them, but Talia intervenes, implying that their her slaves. Vamaruu uses the distraction to reach the ship unaccosted. Dr Kahn and Delod met them at the ship. They got clearance from spaceport control, and blasted off without incident.

Session 7

Shira, Isotech's Operations Manager, asked them to meet Dr.  Ando'ri Kahn on Corellia. The job wouldn't pay much, but they'd be doing good work and Isotech would cover their expenses. The meet was in a small cantina near Treasure Ship Row in Cononet City's Blue Sector.

Delod spotted Lt Tash Tiran, an imperial officer, who he intimidated into revealing that Petras was working for Grand Moff Dargon. The imperial left shortly after with a Corellian woman.

Dr. Ando'ri Kahn, a Drall xenologist, explained that he had discovered why the Froz had not been able to reproduce after the devastation of their homeworld. Their reproductive cycle relied on the presence of a pollen from one of the native plants. If he could get a sample, he might be able to synthesize it. Public records showed that the Corellian Engineering Corporation had done the initial construction on a bio-preservation vault on Froz. If they could get the geo-location from CEC, perhaps they could recover a sample. He needs the crew to slice into CEC's records so that the ISB doesn't follow up on subversive activity related to the "Frozian resistance".

The crew gets into CEC's headquarters campus as part of a tourgroup at the Museum of Starship Construction. Talia palmed an intern's ID and they slipped away from the group, and despite Vamaru being spotted by security, they made it into a sales office, and BB-M8 got access to the internal data to get the location. They left the office just as security came through looking for them.

They met up again with Dr. Kahn in his hotel, where he was waiting with a pair of quiet Froz. They celebrated their success. Kahn said he would accompany them to recover the samples and that they would likely need breathmasks in the now toxic atmosphere of Froz. The crew agreed a quick departure from Corellia would be best. 


In an unmarked security station, an analyst poured over events of interest. He noticed that data on Froz had been accessed from the CEC headquarters. He checked local alerts, and discovered that CEC security had registered a potential breach and had some security camera footage of a potential intruder. He pulled up the images and ran facial recognition against the list of "persons of interest". A match! He tapped out a quick report and forwarded up the chain…


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